Sunday, 1 May 2011

Spring Trends 2011

Some of the common and popular Fashion trends for spring 2011 will be a positive change in the “real” women around the world. Below I’m describing some famous and glamorous spring fashion trends for 2011.
With minor changes, these styles can be easily incorporated into a single cabinet.
Full cut pants: For the seasons of recent years, designers like Marc Jacobs destroyed 70 species. At this time, instead of a hippie-Bohemian influence, we get 70′s kind of the movie “Ice Storm”. Think about pantsuits Groovy, as they were in the suburbs of Connecticut
Clothing of this style with a throw-in blouse, skinny straps and wedge heels for work look simple and elegant.
Maxi dresses: What could be simpler than the long loose dresses? Styles today are slim, but not very strongly, and made with heavy fabric, such as Jersey.
Like everything else, what the details that count. Not to look like Mrs. Roper from “Company Three’s”, to avoid the Hawaiian print or Paisley. Instead, opt for solid colors or the color of the bare-to-be-anywhere this spring: green mint.

Pajama sauce: Yes, it’s just that some designers and fashion editors referred to this trend. Loose trousers tied at the waist, and square tees worn with a dress they may seem that most of us to wear when you’re sick at home, not haute couture. But these bases are high when the cashmere and silk trousers, T-Low and thin layer to the next, and most of the mantle in a dark color, like navy or black.
Bright colors: Although there are models on the runway wearing head to toe orange, electric blue and orange neon, even the designers of this style tempered by comparing their clothes with lots of whites and blacks. As a result, a new way to update the database neutral most of us has in our closet.
Another way color was used in this season was the use of copies. Fruits theme prints were used, as well as marine-type bands. Tendency to mix prints are still strong, that the tapes were presented with floral prints.

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