Friday, 22 April 2011

Men Suits 2011

Spring and summer are breeding totally with different costumes. What worked for the cold winter months just to do during the hot summer heat? That is quite a headache for the well-dressed man, because he simply does not make sense to wear a costume. Solving the problem is a bit trickier than you might expect, because of the heat, it is necessary the fabric can be breathable light weight while maintaining the elegance and attitude of a suit really necessary. Some people have simply decided to be uncomfortable; I’m here to tell you that should not be uncomfortable. Here’s how to get the perfect combination of spring summer men suits 2011.
1. Cotton Suits -This is where technology has made giant strides. Cotton suits today are thinner and lighter than ever and many top designers from Prada to Gucci have cotton prominently in their collections. The best and most versatile are the fine Italian cotton weave, which is soft to the touch with a breathable soft drape. Look for half or unlined jackets with minimal padding for colors like dark gray and navy business.
2. Linen Business Suit - we know that sounds paradoxical, but the costume is the power of flax and came up big this season. Black chalk stripes are the right prescription for what else you. Make sure they are well suited as any suit of fine wool ones you have and you’re ready for an elegant alternative to the combination.
3. The “Evening” Seersucker Suit – another curve ball in the world of fashion, the combination of “evening” seersucker is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. Look for colors on dark color such as black and blue or gray and blue is a perfect combination for the night.

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